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A new product line

After months of work we are finally happy to announce that we launched our new product line last week: The MONSTERTECH Chair Mounts.

Since we started making Sim Rigs and Table Mounts we were contacted if we couldn’t make mounts for an office chair. It is a natural place for a joystick and HOTAS system but the problem was: ‘How to make mounts that are compatible with more than one chair’? Well it took us quite some time but we finally found a way to solve our problem.

We realized that many of the current gaming/office chairs seats and armrests are actually quite similar and allow us to support a lot of different chair brands with only some variations to our attachment system.

Actually we are switching out only one part on the armrest base and exchange it for our specialized piece. This gives us a sturdy and stable attachment point for the profiles we use for our mounts.

Currently we are supporting three brands of gaming chairs:

  • DXRacer
  • Maxnomic
  • Secretlab

Our goal is to support as many chair brands as possible. On the horizon are Noblechairs, Vertagear and even possibly IKEA. But many more are possible. If you would like to help us finding out which brands we can support, check this thread in the MONSTER FOUNDRY.

Here are a few pictures with a Maxnomic chair and a T16000FCS setup. Of course they are also available for every other joystick and throttle.

Maxnomic Classic OFC with two MONSTERTECH Chairs Mounts and a Thrustmaster T16000FCS HOTAS setup.

As with our other products we have specialized mounting plates for almost all joysticks and throttles on the market.

The Chair Mounts are seamlessly adjustable in height, width and distance from the armrests.

Here is a video with a talking weirdo.

Hope you like ’em.