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Blackbird rising

It has been about 3 month now since the launch of the first MONSTERTECH Flight Chair. The MFC-1 Blackbird is the first of a whole range of chairs and seats we plan to offer in the future.

The whole chair project started because we often got feedback that standard racing seats and chairs are not the best fit for flight simulation. Often times the side stabilizers (or wings) that are important on real racing seats block the full range of motion for a joystick user. It is one of the reasons why you do not see them on real pilot seats. We also constantly received wishes for a joystick cutout in the center of the seat to allow for perfect center joystick placement.

Finally we even got contacted by the US Air Force who asked if we can help them design a next level flight sim rig with a seat for future pilot training. We luckily found a local company with long experience in creating custom chairs for all kinds of purposes and they were super excited to work with us on a specially made flight seat.

The whole Air Force flight rig project is still ongoing and going very well. They are testing out the first prototype right now. Over the next months and years all the work we put in there will result in a lot of new and improved products, the MFC-1 chair is just the first. Since the chair company we are working with is most experienced in manufacturing office chairs we took the opportunity to get this office version flight seat designed and released first.

Zoom, 6 months and a bunch of prototypes later we released the MFC-1 Blackbird Flight Chair. A custom made flight chair that is specifically made to work perfectly with all MONSTERTECH products and all joystick systems out there.

Every week now a new batch of MFC-1 chairs gets shipped out to pilots around the world and the feedback so far has been very good. Special thanks to the early adopters who brought a lot of patience with them. As with all our products we will of course fine tune every little piece until we and the user are completely satisfied.

The first two improvements you will see right now.

1. Fabric
A lot of people prefer fabric options instead of leather (myself included) that is why we will release our first fabric option soon. Here you can see the prototype MFC-2 Grey Shrike.

2. Rotation brake
In the future all MFC chairs will have the option to add a rotation brake. The pin inside the gas spring can be braked with just a few turns of a knob. The brake in combination with the breakable casters makes the Flight Chair perfectly usuable with any kind of flight or racing pedals. The rotation brake will also be available for the Blackbird and all other MONSTERTECH chairs as well as a replacement.

The next few steps will be to expand the customization on the chairs. Right now we are working on sheep skin, real leather and Cordura mil-spec fabric options. For the future we have plans for custom embroidery, seat belt options and more.

If you want to connect with us check out our MONSTERFOUNDRY discord server.

Keep the feedback coming and fly safe.