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Dust Cover Joystick

Universal dust cover for joysticks. Compatible with all joystick grips.

29.00 (incl VAT)

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Material: PU-leather

Made in Germany.

Scope of Delivery

1x Dust Cover Joystick
not included
Controllers (joystick, throttle, button box, etc.)
Table Mount / Chair Mount

In some cases, accessories such as controllers or seats are shown in pictures, which are not included as standard in the scope of delivery of the product. These are only used to better illustrate the overall view.

Technical Details

Product dimensions (H x W x L)Approx. 280 x 140 x 100 mm
Product weight~100g
Packing dimensions


Partially pictures of accessories such as controllers or seats, which are not included in the shipment of the product, are shown on pictures. These serve only to better illustrate the overall view.