Instrument Carrier Rail Mount

Rail Mount for attaching all MTSIM instrument holders.

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The Instrument Carrier Rail Mount enables the flexible attachment of various instruments to an MTSIM slide rail.

Like the Joystick Rail Mounts the Instrument Carrier can be fixated seamlessly on the slide rail and quickly pushed away again.

The height of the instrument carrier is infinitely adjustable.

Because the Instrument Carrier rides in the front of the slide rail’s two slots, there is no interference with the Joystick and Throttle Rail Mounts.

Seamlessly Adjustable

The height of the Instrument Carrier can be infinitely adjusted.

Slide Bearing

The rail mounts can be freely moved and fixed in the slide rail.

Quick use

The mounts can be positioned in seconds.

Whether holders for MFD/Tablet center or side, Stream Decks, VPC Control Panels or other button boxes, all MTSIM accessories can be attached to the Instrument Carrier.

Scope of Delivery

1x Rail Mount Instrument Carrier
not included
MFD/Tablet Mount
Joystick/HOTAS Rail Mount

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