MTS Fighter

The MONSTERTECH MTS Cockpit Fighter Set was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force for simulation-based pilot training.

Whether traditional or in VR, the finely adjustable MTS Platform enables an optimal simulation experience for various control and cockpit setups.

You can set up your desired MTS Space set below.
By default, only the MTS Base Frame is included with this set.
Further modules, like the MTS Center Joystick or the specially designed Pilot Seat, can be added as required.

Production time: 4 weeks

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MTS Base Frame

The MTS base frame is the base module for a complete flight, racing and office MTS cockpit.

Expandable with various MONSTERTECH MTS modules.

Production time: 4 weeks


HOTAS mount on the left side for MONSTERTECH MTS cockpits.


HOTAS mount on the right side for MONSTERTECH MTS cockpits.

MTS Center Joystick

Center Joystick Mount for MONSTERTECH MTS Cockpits.

Above the seat floating suspension for a realistic and ergonomic positioning of the joystick.