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Happy Monstertech 2018

Happy new year everybody. We are finally back in full force and we will be doing our best to make 2018 the most fun and exciting year for MONSTERTECH ever.

Right now we are moving into our new and very own production facility in Hannover. This will allow us to improve our production and output heavily. The times of delays are hopefully over soon.

We will also push hard on videos and projects this year.

The plan is also to update our Sim Rig line, beginning with a full customized Star Citizen Sim Rig build series at the end of January. But that is of course not all, we have a completely new product in the pipeline that is almost ready. Very excited to see if you guys like that one.

We also have been working on getting our products to our customers easier and cheaper. We will start with North America of course. I can not say to much about this yet but if this works out it will be really awesome.

Sorry for being so absent last year but that gave us a lot of time to prepare for a crazy exciting 2018.

Happy building