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Longer Table Mounts

Over the last few months we got some questions about possibly making longer table mounts. Especially people wanted to use the mounts with long extensions for the Warthog and Gunfighter Joystick. Of course we made custom length mounts so far on demand, but we wanted to make them available for everybody.

With the help of the great Sim community we assembled a few prototypes and found a good length that should fit most situations. The maximum vertical adjustability is now 38cm from the top of the table. This should fit well with all extensions for the Warthog or Gunfighter and get the perfect grip placement.

Let us know if you have any more ideas how to make the mounts even better, we are thankful for any kind of input.

Here is the link to the long version: MONSTERTECH Joystick/HOTAS Table Mount (Long Version)