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Rail Mounts sliding in

Another option to attach your joysticks and throttles to your desk just released. The Rail Mount System. And its probably the most fun of them all. Just slide your joystick out of the way if you don’t need it and slide it back into position in a second.

Another product we have been working on for a couple of years now but we really had to think about how we wanted to release it. Around a year ago we did send out the first prototypes of the rail mount system and the feedback was very good. But there was one big issue in the air: How to attach the slide rail?

For solid desk plates it’s very simple, just screw it on. (We are deliberatly not including screws, so they are not too long and come out on top)

But what about non-solid desk plates, like most IKEA desks? Well as always 2k epoxy glue to the rescue. We did some internal stability tests and it worked perfect stability wise. But after the glue hardens you will probably not be able to get it off without damaging your desk… Something we are not really comfortable with releasing.

So for now we are only recommending attaching the slide rail with screws to solid desk plates. Please use screws that are long enough to hold the rail in place securely but not break the surface of the wood.

Sliding out!