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VAT VAT VAT and more

As you may have noticed we made some changes to our prices in the beginning of this year. For the last two years we were excempt from charging the standard VAT on our products, a bonus that is granted to small companies in Germany. Sadly or better said luckily we have now exceeded the limit of that granted bonus with the help of all our customers.

There is a good part and a bad part to that change, so let’s start with the bad:
We now have to collect 19% VAT on all prices for customers inside the European Union which means the price on all products got a bit higher.
The good part is that this only concerns customers from the EU. Everybody else around the world pays no VAT which means that some products are now even cheaper than before.

There will also be improvements on shipping prices as we get special rates from DHL soon.

We are a bit behind on the producing front and the holidays did not help with that. As of next week we are back in heavy production mode and we will probably not get that much sleep in January.

We wish you all the very best for 2016!
Marc and Olsen