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WIP Sim Rig Line Update

For the last few month we have been working on a complete upgrade of the sim rig line. It’s not ready yet, just to make that clear. Don’t write me a ton of emails. 😉

Our goal is to make the process of ordering a complex sim rig easy and fun. We are planning to offer a building set, where you can just select the parts that you would like to have on your rig. Everything is compatible with each other and can be added or expanded whenever you like.

The planned building blocks or components are:
– Sim Rig base (seat mount, pedal mount)

– Racing extension (wheel, standard shifter)
– Rally shifter
– Handbrake

– Flight extension (HOTAS, armrests)
– Center joystick extension

– Keyboard swivel extension
– TV-mount extension single
– TV-mount extension triple

We are still working on the images for every item but we are making good progress. Here are a few examples fresh out of 3D program. (still work in progress and subject to change)

Flight Seat test render 1

Flight Seat test render 2