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Production Update and new Shipping Rates

As mentioned before we are now getting better prices from DHL and we were able to lower the shipping rates to everywhere on the planet. Especially the shipping rates outside of Europe got a lot cheaper. We are very happy about that, nobody likes to pay for shipping… The new shipping rates have been applied for about 6 weeks now, so every recent order already got them.

On the production side we made some big leaps to make the table mounts better and easier to produce. We now have watercut manufactured mounting plates for most joystick and HOTAS systems in stock and anodized. Before we made most of the mounting plates by hand but the cutting, drilling, fettling and sandblasting took most of the time building the entire mounts. Now the plates not only look better but also have more cool features.


We sadly had some delays in the last weeks but they are worked out now. We apologize to everybody who had to wait longer. It is always a hazzle to work with other companies which do not keep their promised delivery dates. We are building up our stock at the moment so thats not going to happen again.

Full production mode!