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The launch of the next version Flight Chair is coming soon. As a way of saying thank you for supporting us over the years we are giving away a brand-new flight chair MFC-4 DESERT FALCON + CHAIR MOUNT SET WITH MOUSE EXTENSIONS to one lucky winner. And this is the full-blown version with the caster and rotation brake. This means that the chair can be set in a fixed position for optimal pedal use. The MFC-4 is made of military-spec CORDURA® 1000D advanced fabric.

Now let’s get to the rules and specifics of the contest: It’s simple just upload a picture of your flight sim setup in the #MFC-4 CONTEST channel on our MONSTERFOUNDRY Discord. (It does not have to be a crazy sim pit or anything special, just your daily flight setup.) And you will be entered into the contest for a random drawing on September 22nd, 2021. The contest will start on September 1st, 2021, and end on September 15th, 2021.

And don’t worry if you are not a member you can join today and enter the contest, here is the link below!

So what are you waiting for, get over to the discord and upload your pics today.

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VPC Collective Mounts

Hey guys,

most of you have probably seen that VIRPIL has recently made an awesome new collective for helicopter pilots. And of course we had to make it compatible with MONSTERTECH gear!

We are now launching the Collective Mount VPC Rotor. Seamlessly adjustable in height, front/back, and distance from the chair. The collective can be mounted on a chair in two configurations: (with or without armrest)

If you already have an existing chair mount setup and are looking to expand it with a collective you can use the Collective Add-on VPC Rotor.

MONSTERTECH has been working with VIRPIL throughout the development process to ensure that this mount is of the highest compatibility. Thanks to that collaboration and teamwork we can also give you cool cross promotions. Use code “VPC” on our store over the next month for 5% off.

Check out the VIRPIL Controls Collective Controls lineup here:

Fly safe!

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Blackbird rising

It has been about 3 month now since the launch of the first MONSTERTECH Flight Chair. The MFC-1 Blackbird is the first of a whole range of chairs and seats we plan to offer in the future.

The whole chair project started because we often got feedback that standard racing seats and chairs are not the best fit for flight simulation. Often times the side stabilizers (or wings) that are important on real racing seats block the full range of motion for a joystick user. It is one of the reasons why you do not see them on real pilot seats. We also constantly received wishes for a joystick cutout in the center of the seat to allow for perfect center joystick placement.

Finally we even got contacted by the US Air Force who asked if we can help them design a next level flight sim rig with a seat for future pilot training. We luckily found a local company with long experience in creating custom chairs for all kinds of purposes and they were super excited to work with us on a specially made flight seat.

The whole Air Force flight rig project is still ongoing and going very well. They are testing out the first prototype right now. Over the next months and years all the work we put in there will result in a lot of new and improved products, the MFC-1 chair is just the first. Since the chair company we are working with is most experienced in manufacturing office chairs we took the opportunity to get this office version flight seat designed and released first.

Zoom, 6 months and a bunch of prototypes later we released the MFC-1 Blackbird Flight Chair. A custom made flight chair that is specifically made to work perfectly with all MONSTERTECH products and all joystick systems out there.

Every week now a new batch of MFC-1 chairs gets shipped out to pilots around the world and the feedback so far has been very good. Special thanks to the early adopters who brought a lot of patience with them. As with all our products we will of course fine tune every little piece until we and the user are completely satisfied.

The first two improvements you will see right now.

1. Fabric
A lot of people prefer fabric options instead of leather (myself included) that is why we will release our first fabric option soon. Here you can see the prototype MFC-2 Grey Shrike.

2. Rotation brake
In the future all MFC chairs will have the option to add a rotation brake. The pin inside the gas spring can be braked with just a few turns of a knob. The brake in combination with the breakable casters makes the Flight Chair perfectly usuable with any kind of flight or racing pedals. The rotation brake will also be available for the Blackbird and all other MONSTERTECH chairs as well as a replacement.

The next few steps will be to expand the customization on the chairs. Right now we are working on sheep skin, real leather and Cordura mil-spec fabric options. For the future we have plans for custom embroidery, seat belt options and more.

If you want to connect with us check out our MONSTERFOUNDRY discord server.

Keep the feedback coming and fly safe.


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MONSTERTECH T-shirts and caps now available

We are super happy to announce that as of now you can purchase our original MONSTERTECH Workwear. Yes, our original work shirts and caps are available for order in our shop and as usual, these will be shipped worldwide, no matter where you are located!

Finding the perfect manufacturer for our workwear collection wasn’t easy but we are glad with the final results. Our shirts and caps are provided by engelbert strauss and we couldn’t be happier with the quality.

The MT shirts are available from size S to 2XL. The MT Flexfit caps come in size S-M and L-XL. Both items are colored in black, feature a minimalistic design and of course include the blue MONSTERTECH logo.

Check out our MT Blue Logo T-Shirt and our MT Blue Logo Flexfit Cap to find detailed information. Feel the MT spirit!

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MFD/Tablet Mount Center v2 Released

We introduced the Center MFD mounts for our desk mounts last year but they were not quite perfect. Sometimes it takes a second try to get a product up to the quality where it is supposed to be.

So we just released a new version of the center mounts, now with angle adjustment and a lot more attachment possibilities. Take a look. Some of those will be available soon. Here’s a direct link to our MFD/Tablet Mount Center v2.

Ah yes and MFD mounts for the Chair Mounts are also in the works. Although it is a bit more tricky to get right.


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Chair Mount Center Sneak Peek

Sometimes the smaller things require the most work and take the longest. Since we released the first version of the Joystick / HOTAS Chair Mounts in 2018, we have been planning to add a center mount.

As you may imagine, mounting a center joystick on an office chair may present some problems. Can you get in with it attached? Does it need to be removable? Where do you attach it? Does it work for all the chairs and all the joysticks? We just made an IKEA Markus/Universal Mount, does it work with that?…

I think we went through 10 prototypes on the brackets that connect the profiles and joystick to the chair. To be sturdy enough the bracket is now made out of 5mm bent and welded V2A stainless steel.

There is also another problem when mounting joysticks in the center. We will have to support joysticks with and without extensions. To achieve that our new Chair Mount Center Mount actually is more of a kit that can be assembled in multiple ways.

We are already preparing the first batch for launch but we will still have to get the manuals and website ready. Here is a sneak preview from the first photo session yesterday with a non-extended Warthog HOTAS setup, upcoming Chair Mount Mouse Mount and an IKEA Markus with our universal mounting base.

See you on land, air or space!

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MONSTERTECH 2019 in Review

Happy new year to everybody!

2019 was the busiest, craziest and most successfull year of all time for us. Thanks to everybody who supported us so far, we will not forget it.

We are lucky that every year since we began this journey in 2015 we were able to grow a lot. We focused all our attention over the last couple of years to make products that fans of all kinds of sim games enjoyed or wanted. We were not always right and could not make every idea a reality but we we were luckily succesfull in some projects.

So what was 2019 like at MONSTERTECH?

We began 2019 with a heavy order backlog from the 2018/2019 christmas season. Altough we tried to build up as much stock as possible before, because we make all our products in house we were not able to make enough.

Last christmas season was so busy and so many orders came in it took us until February to clear that up and get to normal production and shipping times again.

So after that I knew we had to expand our facility fast and grow our team with it. With a good bit of luck we were able to get a lease on another 350m² space in the same building we are in now. We had to wait until October 2019 but we finally could just take a wall out and spill into the place next to ours.

By the end of 2019 we are almost finished setting everything up, expanding the production and hiring more people. Doing that at the same time while keeping up with the ever increasing production and run up to the 2019/2020 Christmas season was hard but will pay off big this coming year.

So we are again behind with the production after Christmas this year but we are in a far better position than last year. But the new space will also make some other things much easier in the future.

  1. We will have a dedicated show room space for our Sim Rigs and other products. So if you want to come by and check out something, have a test flight or qualifying round or just have some coffee with us, just send us a message and come by. (Hannover – Germany)
  2. On of the things I personally really want to invest a lot of time in in 2020 is the video content. This is my personal goal of the year: “to make interesting and entertaining videos”. So I will have a small dedicated video room for that, yay!.

The beginning of 2020 will be focused on catching up on open orders and finishing up the renovation. I will keep you posted with a walkthrough as soon as possible.

Our goal of making super high quality gear is still most important to us and will always be our main focus. In 2020 we will try making stuff that is even more cool and fun.


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MFD / Tablet Center Mount and Update

Hey guys, we are back with an update video. What products are in development right now…, what is planned… and what is launching soon….

– MFD / Tablet Mount for the Joystick / HOTAS Desk Mounts v4.

– New MFD Center Mount

– Pitch Adjustment Bracket

– New chairs compatible with the Joystick / HOTAS Chair Mounts