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Crazy times on the workbench

Marc and Olsen, most famous for producing some weird joystick constraption, have not been seen in the last few months. If you happend to run into two beardy and slightly overweight men in their late fourties with aluminium scrap all over their hair please contact your local HOTAS dealer.

Well the rumours of our demise have been exagerrated, we just didn’t get out of the workshop for the last half a year. The amount of orders we received since the beginning of the year is hitting us hard where the sun don’t shines.

Okay kidding aside, we have been producing table mounts in all variations non stop for the last 8 months. A few weeks ago we finally finished the last missing mounting plate (hello Logitech G940), now we just have to make sure we have everything in stock all the time, which proofs more difficult than it sounds. We constantly have hundreds of mounting plates in order with our watercutting and anodizing partners but if even one piece of the chain has a delay, everything is delayed. I guess welcome to the business world… “Hey Marc, we need our own watercutting machine!!!11”.

We are also working on a revamp of our Sim Rig line for the last 2 months. We finished the design for a new Flight Seat / Racing Seat combo. We are almost ready to launch, but I have to finish the last renders so we have pictures on the page! I am slowly getting used to SolidWorks, the renders getting really pretty but still a lot to learn.

And we launched the Stand on the website, a little mix between table mount and sim rig, but maybe very useful for some people, I love it. We should be ready to ship the first few orders very soon.

Both me and Marc are super happy how everything progresses and we are having a lot of fun making and improving all our products. Sometimes it’s a lot of work and quite stressfull but hey that’s life I guess.

See you soon!