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MONSTERTECH 2019 in Review

Happy new year to everybody!

2019 was the busiest, craziest and most successfull year of all time for us. Thanks to everybody who supported us so far, we will not forget it.

We are lucky that every year since we began this journey in 2015 we were able to grow a lot. We focused all our attention over the last couple of years to make products that fans of all kinds of sim games enjoyed or wanted. We were not always right and could not make every idea a reality but we we were luckily succesfull in some projects.

So what was 2019 like at MONSTERTECH?

We began 2019 with a heavy order backlog from the 2018/2019 christmas season. Altough we tried to build up as much stock as possible before, because we make all our products in house we were not able to make enough.

Last christmas season was so busy and so many orders came in it took us until February to clear that up and get to normal production and shipping times again.

So after that I knew we had to expand our facility fast and grow our team with it. With a good bit of luck we were able to get a lease on another 350m² space in the same building we are in now. We had to wait until October 2019 but we finally could just take a wall out and spill into the place next to ours.

By the end of 2019 we are almost finished setting everything up, expanding the production and hiring more people. Doing that at the same time while keeping up with the ever increasing production and run up to the 2019/2020 Christmas season was hard but will pay off big this coming year.

So we are again behind with the production after Christmas this year but we are in a far better position than last year. But the new space will also make some other things much easier in the future.

  1. We will have a dedicated show room space for our Sim Rigs and other products. So if you want to come by and check out something, have a test flight or qualifying round or just have some coffee with us, just send us a message and come by. (Hannover – Germany)
  2. On of the things I personally really want to invest a lot of time in in 2020 is the video content. This is my personal goal of the year: “to make interesting and entertaining videos”. So I will have a small dedicated video room for that, yay!.

The beginning of 2020 will be focused on catching up on open orders and finishing up the renovation. I will keep you posted with a walkthrough as soon as possible.

Our goal of making super high quality gear is still most important to us and will always be our main focus. In 2020 we will try making stuff that is even more cool and fun.